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A Scribe from Paradise: Writing and Editing Services

Across sectors, cultures, geographies, demographics, and time zones, I believe in words. I believe that words matter. That deployed properly, thoughtfully and strategically, words can drive human behavior, generate revenue, solve problems, bridge gaps, engage audiences, and set (or reset) the direction for you or your organization. Long copy or short, I can help you get to where you wish to go.

My Specialities

Cross-sector, collaborative and entrepreneurial fund/business development professional and writer/editor.

Get to the “So What?”

Whether mission-focused or market-driven, successfully generating revenue relies on connecting the dots and solving problems. Your “So What?” story must be unique, relevant and audience-centric. And your story’s word choices must be precise, purposeful and poignant.

Grants, Proposals, RFP/RFQ Programs

Foundation, Government (federal, local), Corporate, Reports/M&E

Business/Fund Development

Marketing Collateral, Sales Brochures, Campaigns, Ad Content, Tags, Key Messages

Philanthropy Communication

Donor Appeals, Online Giving, Planned Giving, Special Events, Impact Investing, Corporate Sponsor/Partner Proposals

Power to the People and their Prose

Institutions, agencies, organizations, companies, publications and platforms all share one thing: they are powered by people. Individuals with ideas, inspirations and aspirations.

Professional Development

Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Bios, Executive Profiles, Conference Abstracts, Speaker Applications

Policy, Advocacy, Legal, Regulatory, Technical

Research Reports, Speeches, Testimony, Briefs

Organizational/Corporate Capacity Building

CSR, Training Materials, TA Tutorials, Employee Communications, Position Descriptions

English Can be a Bitch

From 140 characters to a dissertation, effective words and language follow rules of the road that go beyond “i before e except after c.” This does not equate to cookie-cutter content; this equates to understanding when and how to break from linguistic norms and expectations to make sure your message hits the mark.


Contributed Columns, Articles,
Opinion Pieces, Press Materials


Social Media Content, Blogs,
Website Content, Email Marketing

Coaching & Mentoring

Business Writing, Public Speaking, Presentations, Interviews

I’m a lady with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor.

Kathryn Harper

Leveraging the revenue-generating & problem-solving power of words and language.

Answers to your questions.

What is your work/writing process?

I begin by ascertaining your end goal. Who is your audience? What impact(s) or outcome(s) do you seek? This exercise can be likened to asking someone to write their obituary to learn how they wish to be remembered. Then we can work backwards to identify and incorporate the most effective words and language that will steer us to your chosen destination.

How often can we communicate?

Depending upon the project’s complexity, scope and timeline, we can speak as often as needed so that you feel comfortable with our progress. I won’t be shy in letting you know that it’s time for me to go away and write, and I hope you won’t be shy in letting me know of any ideas or concerns along the way.

How do we get started?

When possible, an introductory conversation is helpful for meet-and-greet, and so that I can listen to you as you talk about the problem you are trying to solve or the goal you seek to achieve.

Why is hiring a professional important?

Because the right professional will ensure that you stay on the right side of the fine line that separates knowledge of self-worth from arrogance. The right professional will not bring his or her ego to the project, but will explore and find the words and language that best suit who you are and what your project is all about. And the right professional will advise you objectively, thoughtfully, and diplomatically while helping you navigate the diverse charms and challenges of the English language.

Words on a Mission: How Can I Help?