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Power to the People and their Prose

Institutions, agencies, organizations, companies, publications, and platforms all share one thing: they are powered by people. Individuals with ideas, inspirations, and aspirations.

Your successful efforts and endeavors are rooted in effective words and language that serve you with authenticity, integrity and personality – and delivered via the appropriate medium. And as with all things that really work in this world, form must follow function. Creative must follow content. And person-first language must drive everything.

We are thus happy to assist any person who seeks to:

– Secure a new employment* or consultant opportunity
– Improve organizational effectiveness
– Design and deliver trainings or tutorials
– Present at a workshop or deliver a keynote speech
– Draft a research report or white paper
– Distill and disseminate product technicalities, issue complexities or cultural sensitivities
– Cultivate, inform or educate a policy maker, consumer or other influencer
– Build the capacity of an individual, a team or an entire entity
– Convey or reinvigorate the promise of your brand

*A word about resumes and CVs: fees vary (between $75 and $125 an hour) based on employment status, career level, and page length of a prior document in need of improvement.

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Professional Development

Resumes, CVs, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Bios, Executive Profiles, Conference Abstracts, Speaker Applications

Policy, Advocacy, Legal, Regulatory, Technical

Research Reports, Speeches, Testimony, Briefs

Organizational/Corporate Capacity Building

CSR, Training Materials, TA Tutorials, Employee Communications, Position Descriptions

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