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Get to the “So What?”

Whether mission-focused or market-driven, successfully generating revenue relies on connecting the dots and solving problems. Your “So What?” story must be unique, relevant and audience-centric. And your story’s word choices must be precise, purposeful and poignant.

In our busy world, good market positioning requires sacrifice. Your audience is rife (not ripe) with limited attention spans traversing a message landscape bordered by unforgiving margins of error. Thus, don't try to be all things to all people. Do deliver the content, context and clarity to secure funding and funders from whichever sources you are pursuing.

The right words sell the problem you are solving and not just the product or service. This is your "So What?"

Paradise Scribe can help you distill and disseminate diverse complexities in a manner that is compelling, succinct, and leaves your audience wanting to read, hear or learn more. Even better? Changed minds, behaviors, actions and understanding.

Select areas of expertise and 7-figure successes:

- Moving endeavors from ideation to implementation
- Bridging the gaps between process and impacts and outcomes
- Marketing and business development plans
- Content, content, content – across platforms, media and channels
- Foundation and corporate proposals (Gates, OSF, NoVo, J&J, Wells Fargo, CVS)
- Government proposals (USAID, State, HHS, Treasury)
- Private, individual donor appeals, and planned giving communications
- Grants management (proposal vetting, strategy, M&E, reporting)
Meaningful and sustainable impacts and outcomes. Let’s work together to help you achieve both.

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Grants, Proposals, RFP/RFQ Programs

Foundation, Government (federal, local), Corporate, Reports/M&E

Business/Fund Development

Marketing Collateral, Sales Brochures, Campaigns, Ad Content, Tags, Key Messages

Philanthropy Communication

Donor Appeals, Online Giving, Planned Giving, Special Events, Impact Investing, Corporate Sponsor/Partner Proposals

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